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The chronicle of the highest maypole in germany

The biggest Maypole Germany is our North Sea!

Even from a distance welcomes Germany's largest maypole with a height of 53 meters and shows you the way to the Butjadinger Tor in the heart of the green peninsula Butjadingen.

Erected in 2006, the 58-meter high copy get long in the tooth and the family Venema established a new, almost 53 meters high, copy as part of a big beer festival on 11 May-2013.

Beaten in the Black Forest, prepared in Oberpfaffenhofen / Bavaria, hit the showpiece in the proud height of 53 meters on 10 May 2013 at 14.00 clock on a low loader and accompanied by many delegates from Oberpfaffenhofen / Bavaria in a Abbehausen. From Butjenter craftsmen of the tree was prepared for setting up, and Saturday at 10:00 clock it finally happened:

The blue and white guild tree was erected using a crane, framed by a program with typical Bavarian tradition groups such as Boller shooters, folklore groups and two chapels. Hundreds of onlookers from near and far followed the maypole setting.

In the evening we went up fro with traditional music from Bavaria and dance and fun in the marquee. On May 12, the family Venema invited at 10.00 clock in to a musical anniversary brunch with deposits of guests to Bavaria Type the marquee.

Where the atmosphere of the North Sea coast with the southern forms a unique connection, the family Venema and the team lokk forward to welcoming you to an eventful stay!

Since May 16, 2015, the Maypole is for 30 years at Butjadinger Tor. For 30 years Maibaumfest we have put together a great program over four days and celebrated this anniversary with many guests.

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